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Being an Exceptional Sales Coach

Are you considering hiring a sales coach or executive coach? If so, congratulations provided you find the right one.

Simply speaking, exceptional business coaches open up the potential faucet. Years ago when Einstein was in his 70’s, he was asked how much of his potential he had used? Given that he had already developed the Theory of Relativity along with his other contributions to mathematics and physics, he replied “10%".

Today, through the corporate coaching research provided by Fortune 500 to the testimonials from small business owners, the results that business coaches and executive coaches deliver continue to speak for themselves. For example, through the Manchester Consulting year long study from 2002 determined that coaching increased levels of:

Productivity - 53%
Quality - 48%
Customer Service - 39%
Teamwork - 67%
Job Satisfaction – 61%
Working relationships with direct reports - 77%

So how can you find a trusted sales coach, advisor, business coach or executive coach that can deliver to you similar if not better results?

First, ask what type of process does the coach use? A sales coach? Can he or she simply explain the process to you and why it works? Exceptional coaches use a process that takes the inch by inch where progress is actively measured. If the coach can’t answer this question, stop and find another coach.

Then, interview several coaches. Ask for referrals. Then call the referrals. Next, ask, if not one is offered, for a complimentary coaching session. Also, you should check out the website for additional information. Another action is to do a Google search on their name. Then click on the various links to read more. Finally, learn if the business coach or executive coach offers some sort of guarantee.

Remember, the coach will determine where you are now and where you want to be. Through a proven process, an exceptional business coach or exceptional coach can take your cold to lukewarm current performance of 33 to 80 degrees and raise it to 180 to 211 degrees. Then with just a little more effort, you may even hit 212 degrees.

And we all know that the difference between very hot and boiling is just one degree. That one degree transforms boiling water into steam and steam powers engines.

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Sales Coach

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