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Team Building


Teamwork and leadership

Coaching is often associated with leadership, hence the term executive Coaching.  To be an effective leader you must know not only yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, but also those of the people around you. 

You must build a team of people who understand your objectives and share your commitment to achieving them, and you must help each individual in that team to perform to their very best.

All businesses call upon teamwork at some time or another, the challenge is to build teams that work well together and motivate people to achieve success together.  In fact, organisations and businesses are basically about people working together, and therefore effective team building should be a priority for anyone looking to achieve success in business.  If you are responsible for building a high performing team then the quality of your team building management training could be the key to your success.

A team can be defined as a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. "Team building" is the process of enabling that group of people to achieve that goal.

Team building coaching

A professional business coach will understand the importance of team building activities as a management issue.  A leader is only as strong as the team he or she leads.  Coaching in team building skills will benefit those managers and leaders who are required to lead groups, teams or projects.  Some of the issues you will be able to work on as part of an executive coaching program may include:

The team building process is something you will be able to talk over with your coach before you put it into practice in the real world.  The basic stages involved are to clarify the goals of the team, identify any issues which may inhibit the team from achieving their goals, and then to address those issues to enable the team to be successful.  The essential skills you need are the ability to recognise the right issues, and the ability to resolve them in an appropriate way.  Your coach will be able to provide objective guidance and feedback at every stage, and to share in your, and your team's, ultimate success!

Team building ideas and issues

executive team

Team building can mean different things to different people, and can take a different form depending on the size and nature of the team.  An ideal team may consist of a group of people who are committed to achieving a common objective, produce high quality results, who work well together and enjoy their work.

Team members should be valued and have a sense of belonging.  People should feel a sense of worth and involvement, where their ideas are heard and their contribution is recognised.  They should be given worthwhile tasks and clearly understand what is expected of them.  Individuals should be given challenge and responsibility that contribute to the team's objectives and match their abilities.  Most importantly, they should have confidence in the leadership, based on consistent fairness and support backed with recognition when it is due.

Of course individual group members also have a responsibility to the team, to participate fully and effectively and to support the goals and efforts of the group as a whole.

International quality consultant and author Peter Scholtes suggests the following five key issues to be considered in team building:

Scholtes, Peter R., "The Team Handbook", Joiner Associates (1988)

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