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Why do so many businesses wait until the sales performance of an individual reaches the point at which it becomes necessary to performance manage them, when a far more positive approach would have been to performance coach them in gradual stages. The whole idea of performance management conjures up a rather negative determinist situation in that many people interpret this as being the steps that have to be taken in order to satisfy the HR people before managing a person out of the business. A situation most unlikely to bring about the desired improvement in performance.

Such an improvement would perhaps have been more likely had the ongoing process of performance coaching been employed.


What is Sales Performance Coaching?

It is the positive, energising motivation of an executive to attain peak performance. This is normally achieved through a number of consistently pre-planned sessions aimed at addressing specific business challenges and competency shortfalls. The funnel below identified the basic steps that business people must master in order to become effective in generating new business opportunities. The highlighted areas representing those stages which are most likely to lead to performance problems and will tend to become the focus of the performance coach.

(Diagram to be added)

Take for example the challenge of negotiating price. Very few, and I mean very very few people can arrive at the point where they have negotiated business to completion without over discounting their fees or margins or worse still lost the business for a small amount of real money. Imagine being able to negotiate in such a way that margin integrity is retained as well as the virtual certainty of an order. By focusing on the issues a top performance coach can bring about these improvements in sales performance. Even the best sales coach however will need to gear performance to a technique. You might find the link below to arguably the best sales techniques available very useful.

We recommend,
“Sell like a champion and earn like a champion”

as being one of the most effective and practical books on the subject.

sales coaching part 1 - More information on how coaching can help you to reach your performance goals.

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