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Management and Leadership Development - Resources Page

On this page you will find further resources for finding out about management development training.

Are you a manager wanting to discover ways of improving your skills and developing your managerial role?  You may be a new manager looking for guidance or a seasoned professional wanting to progress by adding to your management abilities. 

Management development in the sense of formal training and learning can be a minefield – what exactly does it mean, how is it delivered, and how do you access it? 

We have picked out a very helpful website which will give you essential information about management development and the training options available, followed by other links to various websites which you may also want to visit to take your interest in this subject further.

Performance management and training

There are many different types of courses and programs developed to help managers perform to their very best abilities.  We will continue to add information resources which can point you in the right direction.

Other corporate resources

In addition to the management training techniques outlined above, there are other training resources for the corporate world, including training videos, seminars and software.  These management training tools can be used either for training managers or as a training aid for managers looking to conduct development workshops with their own teams.  We will be adding resources to this section in the near future.

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Management Articles

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A Guide to Successful Management
Three strategies that will put you at the top.

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