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General Health Coaching Resources

Welcome to the page of Life Coaching Solutions which gives you additional resources to find out about improving and maintaining your health through coaching.

Your health is vital to everything else you do in your life – if you don’t devote enough time and attention to it, all your career and financial planning might as well be in vain. 

Any coaching system needs to encompass the physical side of your life and help you to look after yourself; if your health deteriorates, not only will you not be able to put the effort into improving other areas of your life, you may not even be around to enjoy them. 

In this site, we have aimed to give you information and advice about how coaching can contribute to your general level of health, but here we have picked out two additional external websites which we feel could be of benefit, along with other general health web pages.

Top suggestions

External Web Pages

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Information on the treatment of IBS from drugs to alternative therapy –

Heath Related Articles

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Group Life coaching
"What about coaching in a group situation?"
(published Feb 2006)

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