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Financial Planning - Tools and Resources

Get to grips with your personal and corporate financial issues by taking a look at some of the additional external resources we have compiled.

All of us need to manage money in one form or other, whether through keeping an eye on our personal finances or managing budgets in the workplace, and most of us could probably benefit from some extra help and guidance in this area. 

Financial awareness and planning can be a minefield, so to get you started, we have highlighted two websites giving comprehensive resources, tools and advice for money management, from both the work and personal angles.  Below the top two suggestions, you can find further websites on this subject.

Business financial advice

Many of us have some involvement with money and finance as part of our work, whether as corporate finance gurus, or at the operational end of looking after budgets and invoices.  The resources highlighted below give straightforward facts and guidance about working with finance in the workplace.

Personal finance advice

Would you like to learn more about personal financial planning, so that you can make the most of your money and enjoy greater personal freedom?  There are many different aspects to personal finance, and the resources here are for information and advice to help you make sense of them.


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