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Change Management Solutions and Resources

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This page contains additional resources to help you manoeuvre through change processes and manage change in the workplace smoothly.

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Change is endemic in today’s fast paced business environment.  Chances are that you will experience change at some point in your working life, whether it’s a change in job roles, systems or processes, organisational culture or management structures. 

Or you may be the person charged with spearheading a change, and need to make decisions about who is affected, how to tell them, how to implement the change and evaluate its effectiveness.  There is a lot to think about; change handled well can produce untold benefits, whereas if badly handled, the repercussions can be serious, even if the change itself was a good idea to begin with. 

Here we highlight websites which provide useful resources, tools and best practice advice, followed by other web resources you may wish to consult.

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