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Business Coaching and Mentoring Resources


On this page you can find further resources about business coaching and mentoring services, in addition to the information elsewhere in the site.

Although often used interchangeably with the term executive coaching, business coaching is also about coaching for businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and self-employed people, rather than just the managers and executives in the traditional workplace. 

Entrepreneurs and business leaders often face challenges of their own, as they are in positions where they need to think outside the box, push boundaries and develop new ideas – they may not have established precedents to work to, and need someone they can bounce ideas off in confidence.

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We have identified a couple of external resources on the subject of business coaching which you may find helpful, along with some additional links.

Small business coaching

Coaching and mentoring can be invaluable if you are in small business, or are thinking of starting up on your own.  Running a small business can be a lonely place, and, when you’re starting up, a daunting situation to find yourself in.  Or you may have been in charge of a small business for several years, but need support and advice to take your operation to the next level.  A coach or mentor can add value to your business by helping you set goals, and you can discuss your ideas and future plans with your coach to test them out.  We suggest you take a look at the following website if you would like to find out more about how coaching and mentoring can help you get the best out of your small business.


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