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The general business manager is responsible for running the business day-to-day.  Whether a managing director in a medium-sized company or a business unit director in a large corporate organisation, this general management role is crucial to hold the business together, and to lead the changes which will ensure future success.

Many people have experienced a manager who may not be "up to the job".  In most cases they were very effective in their previous role, but then struggle when they enter the management arena.  In sales management, for example, there is an all too familiar pattern of the best sales operative being promoted to manage the team without adequate thought to the development needs of that person.  Coaching could provide the new sales manager with the business management skills required for success in the role.

Promotion to general management is often based on functional expertise and success, and yet management is a discipline in it's own right which demands the training and development of the people moving into it.  The transition to a general management role can often be the greatest single challenge in an individual's career.  To succeed in management requires a breadth of understanding across the different functions of a business, as well as a strategic understanding of the position of the business within its markets and a changing environment.

What do you need to know about management and leadership?

How effective are you and your management teams in the following areas so vital for business survival?


A 2003 survey carried out by Personnel Today revealed that, out of 700 businesses polled, two thirds had real concerns over their managers' abilities in these areas.  Perhaps we should therefore be asking what is being done to help them?

Executive coaching services can provide hands on management training and coaching in any of the above management disciplines.  Coaching can be tailored to suit you and can be delivered in a flexible and cost effective way either at home or in the workplace.  Coaching can be arranged on a one-to-one basis or in small teams or groups of managers.

Who can benefit from coaching?

The management coaching process will provide a focused and safe environment for the development of individual managers.  Safe because the coach is detached from the politics and culture of the organisation, and focused on helping the manager to develop their management skills, review their own performance and learn from experience.

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