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Leadership Training


Effective management and executive skills

Globalisation and rapidly developing technology mean we are in a period of intense competition and unprecedented change.  Leadership is vital in these complex environments. 

The quality of leadership and effective leadership styles can determine the culture of the organisation, the productivity of its staff, and, ultimately, success or failure.  The importance of training cannot be overstated.

One of the greatest challenges that a manager, director or executive can face is that of effective leadership.  Leadership is the ability to direct, supervise, encourage, inspire, and co-ordinate, and in doing so facilitate action and guide change.  Leaders develop their own leadership qualities and those of others so that, through development and training, new leaders may follow.

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So how is business leadership different to management?  Management utilises planning, organisational and communications skills.  These skills are important in leadership also, but even more so are qualities such as integrity, honesty, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, determination, compassion and sensitivity.

To be an effective leader you must know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, and those of the people around you.  You must know your objectives and have a plan of how to achieve them.  You must build a team of people that share your commitment to achieve those objectives, and you must help each team member to achieve their best.

Stress is one of the single largest causes of declining performance in business today.  The harsh reality is that most organisational stress is often caused by the organisation itself and NOT from executing the task.  Leadership training and development in an organisation can help to remove the unnecessary stress which can impact upon the performance of individuals.

Executive Coaching

Most leaders are very good at what they do, but the good leaders will strive to be better.  An executive management coach can help you to identify and agree the areas where your vision and ideas are not having the necessary impact and not consolidating your effectiveness.  In fact leadership coaching will help you to review and refine those ideas to ensure they are well founded.

Business development skills

As a business leader you might feel that your staff lack competence and commitment and therefore you might not be delegating all that you could for fear that tasks will not be acted on effectively.  You might face some internal politics that remain unresolved or your staff retention levels may not be at the levels you desire.  You may also wonder whether you would reap the rewards of investing in a training budget. 

If you feel that your staff are lacking competence, commitment or energy think about the impact that you are having on their performance.  Training and development are effective tools in improving your impact as a leader, but coaching can be even more powerful.  Think about the following questions.  Why do so many average managers feel that they are so qualified and experienced that they don't need coaching, and have an inbuilt resistance to going on training and development programs?  And why do so many extremely successful business leaders have coaches?  We will leave you to think about these questions.

Whatever your business problems, coaching can help.  Executive management coaches have been there.  Many coaches have worked for or with major global businesses and have great experience in helping business leaders like you to solve complex problems.  In addition to executive leadership coaching there are many business leadership training and leadership development courses available which may be utilised to sharpen your leadership skills.

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