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The first important point to make is that these tips are not substitutes for proper medical advice and should in no way take the place of consulting your GP or doctor if you are worried in any way about your general health.  If you are in good general health then they might well prove thought provoking and helpful.

Live a little bit for today and a little bit for tomorrow.  Sometimes people put themselves under tremendous pressure worrying too much about what tomorrow might bring. 

Enjoy today and take what comes simply from being.  Good health cannot be derived solely from a gym workout, it's equally important to be emotionally fit and balanced.

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Try to take some exercise everyday.  It's not always possible to get to the gym three times a week, although it is possible for most people to take a brisk 10 minute walk.  Why not park the car five minutes away from where you work?  You would barely notice the difference.  Why pay a premium parking fee to park right by the shopping mall when parking five minutes away would not only give you the exercise opportunity but also save you money?

Smoking really is bad for your health, and even more so if you have a history of breathing problems or asthmatic tendencies.  If you have tried in the past to give up and find yourself feeling worse for failing, you might want to consider hypnotherapy, which is gaining increasing recognition as being a very effective way to stop the habit.

Time management is not just about filling every waking hour with tasks.  The balanced time planner knows the wisdom of planning a bit of time for doing absolutely nothing.  The message here is to plan a bit of time for you. 

The word "lifestyle" is all too often interpreted as the ability to own aspirational brands and products or being able to afford lavish skiing trips or fashionable leisure pursuits.  The word we would ask you not to forget is "life".  You only get one, so you should think about how you want to spend it.  Thousands of people spend the whole year doing something they hate simply to be able to afford a week or so doing something they love.  We suggest this may be the wrong ratio.

Drink plenty of water.  It is believed that in cooler climates up to 90% of the population are dehydrated at some level.  This is because for most of the year in these climates people don't feel thirsty and consequently they can go for most of the day without taking water in.  Add to this the fact that many people drink coffee, tea and alcohol, which actually accelerate the dehydration process.  Aim to drink up to two litres of pure water each day.  Drink it gradually; if you gulp it down in one session, most of it will pass through you unutilised.

Diet is very important.  If you are unsure about what is the right balance of food intake, buy a good book on nutrition, but as a general rule, consider the following.

The following foods are generally regarded as important to be eaten regularly and should form the basis of your diet: vegetables, fruit, salad leaves, cereals, nuts, bran, wholemeal bread, lentils, pulses, fresh water and pure fruit juice.

The following foods should be carefully evaluated in terms of how frequently and how much of them you eat but as a general rule should be consumed in moderation, and for some people not at all: red meat, bacon, sausages, most fats and butter, sugar, cakes, tea, coffee and alcohol.

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