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Setting Achievable and Well Formed Goals


I want to earn a fortune!  I want a Ferrari, a seven bedroom mansion, and a villa in Tuscany!

Are these really goals?  We would suggest that they are little more than dreams and naive desires.  If you make these your goals, most of you sadly should prepare for disappointment and ironically the few who get them should also prepare for disillusionment.

We are not saying that it’s wrong to want a super car or a villa; that’s great, but unfortunately it’s the bit in the middle that gets missed.  How the hell are you going to do it


You might invent a car that runs on polluted water, with fresh mountain air pumping out of the exhaust as a waste product, sell the patents to the world’s motor industry and retire with untold wealth.  Even this magical formula might not be as simple as you might think.  Are you prepared to:

Not so simple is it!  Unless of course the answer to all the above questions is YES!

A well-formed goal should take account of the following:

Goal setting is essential, but not without careful thought and working with someone else, or even a goal setting tool, to help you structure your thinking.

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