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Finding a Life Coach


Mike Legge: Head Coach (founder of this website), and specialist in career coaching, personal performance improvement, and business/sales development




If you want to...

- Improve your career prospects

- Achieve the recognition you deserve

- Earn more

- Change your career or...achieve a role where you can simply enjoy going to work. 

Mike can help you work towards achieving your career goals


If you run a business and want to grow it, manage a department that needs to develop or you simply need to improve your own business performance,  Mike would be delighted to help you achieve your aims.


Contact Mike by email at  with a brief description of what you are trying to achieve or alternatively

By telephone on 0044 (0)1908 261179

Mike Legge
BSc (Hons) Psych

woman in executive setting

How would it feel if...

The answer probably ranges from "much better" to "wonderful". Wherever you fall on that scale, your reaction is a positive one.

Imagine having someone who is not only capable of understanding you but also skilled at ensuring your untapped potential is achieved.  With the help of a professional life coach, you will close the gap between where you are now and where you know you need to be.  Life coaching can help you to feel:

As a result you will come to understand just what you can achieve and by when. Personal or executive life coaching can be one-to-one or over the telephone, and is offered by both companies and individuals. Prices will vary and it is important to choose a coach you feel comfortable with. Many will offer a free initial consultation to help you select the right coach for you.


General coaching resources - Go to our general coaching resources page.

Some other recommended places to find a life coach

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