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With determination and the right training, almost anybody can become a life coach. However, finding the right life coach course can be daunting.

There are some excellent life coach training courses available which will enable you to take advantage of the wealth of life coaching career opportunities available to the professional life coach.

General life coach courses

A course in life coaching can help you to develop many of the core skills and abilities needed to be an effective coach.  For example, although it is likely that you will already have good interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people, a life coaching course can teach you how to build good rapport with clients, how to ask the right questions and develop professional working relationships.  A life coach course will show you the best techniques for helping others to set goals, put together personal development plans and identify and build on their strengths. 


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Executive and other specialist coaching courses

You might want to train in a specific area of coaching if you have experience in a particular field, or if you have certain interests; for example, career coaching or business coaching, or coaching young people.  A good general coaching course will cover all these areas in some depth, although there also more specialist courses available.  Life Coaching Solutions does not recommend individual courses, but to get you started we have highlighted the following site which has lots of information about coaching and training to become a life coach.  We've also included a link to an article in the HR and training publication Personnel Today, which describes the skills and qualities needed by life coaches, and the kind of work involved.
List of training schools; review of coaching training schools. PDF download discussing coaching certification plus other useful tools.

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