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Life Coach Training - Frequently Asked Questions


We have listed the most frequently asked questions on training to become a life coach on this page.  If you have any further questions on how to be a life coach which you would like to see on this page then please email us.  Our aim is to provide answers to your questions about becoming a life coach.

Could I be a life coach?

To answer this, let us ask you a few questions;

If the answer is "Yes" to all or most of these questions, then with training you could learn how to be a life coach.


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What skills and experience do I need to become a successful life coach?

People from all different backgrounds can and do become life coaches.  All you need is general life experience, willingness to learn, a positive attitude and a desire to help others.

Check out our "become a life coach" section.

Do I need to qualify as a life coach?

In the UK, anyone can claim to be a life coach.  But to be successful you will need to learn the techniques involved and how to apply those techniques effectively. 

Training for a life coaching qualification will increase your chances of success.  A qualified life coach will be more effective, more attractive to clients, and more likely to succeed in their chosen career.  It is worth checking locally, wherever you are in the world, what the legal requirements are for working as a life coach; for example, you may have completed your life coach training and worked as a coach in the UK, but want to work in the US but find there are different rules in your home state.

What types of life coaching courses are available?

As with most types of training, courses are offered in different forms.  You will be able to choose from classroom based training, home study, online courses and residential training.  Many courses will enable you to complete your training alongside your current job commitments.

How long does it take to train to become a life coach?

This will depend on the form of training you undertake and the effort you put in.  It may take from just a few weeks to a year or more.  Some home study courses do not place a time limit on completing your qualification.

Are there any specialised life coach courses?

You might want to start with a general life coaching course, however if you have specialist interests or a background in a certain field, you will find that there are courses available for different types of coaching.  These include personal coaching, executive coaching, which you may find interesting if you have a background in business, and career coaching, which may appeal if your work experience is in HR or recruitment. 

There is also a demand for even more specialised courses such as christian life coach training, holistic life coach training and becoming a coach for small businesses. 

Who would use a life coach?

Anyone who is experiencing lack of progress with a goal or someone who feels dissatisfied with the direction an aspect of their life is going in would benefit from the services of a life coach.  With Life Coaching they know they will accomplish more than they would on their own, and they'll have the tools and support to achieve extraordinary results. 

How much does Life Coaching cost? Can you give an indication of Fees?

That's a very difficult one. In our experience fees can vary wildly and they certainly aren't always an indication of how good someone is as a coach. Unfortunately, some coaches have been known to charge high fees simply so that they can see less people and give an impression of superiority.

You really do need to research any service provider thoroughly but, as a rule of thumb, a great coach will put more emphasis on seeing lots of clients rather than excluding many potential success stories on a financial basis.

Do I need to see clients face to face?

Life coaching can be done in person or on the telephone.  In fact, most life coaching is done on the telephone, and most coaches and clients prefer it this way.  Coaching by telephone is usually more convenient for both parties, and gives you the ability to coach clients anywhere in the world!

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