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How to manage change in an organisation - tools for managers


Change of course is the only certainty!

If you are a manager about to embark upon an organisational change or a change in working practices or processes (for the purposes of this exercise we are excluding closures, shutdowns or involuntary redundancy programmes) you might want to consider some of the following.


Life Coaching Solutions have developed a model that might help you to consider whether or not you have carried out enough planning prior to announcing your proposed changes.

CRATE: Canvass Research Assess Think Embark

Canvass support for your ideas. An imposed change stands a far greater chance of adverse reaction. Talk to your peers and those it will affect as well as your bosses. Explain the objectives and above all highlight the benefits. Provide some research evidence and explain the consequences of failing to act. Explain how and when it might happen and invite feedback.

Research how your proposals have been received. Is there a ground swell of negativity? How much support do you have? Is there anybody else you need to influence?

Assess and test your solutions in a controlled environment. This may not always be possible although whenever it can be done go for a trial. Pilots can help to reveal problems which hadn't been thought of in the theory stage.

Think through what has happened so far. Did the test go to plan? Does the majority still see a benefit to the implementation?

Embark on the change although remember that you should continually be re-appraising its effectiveness until it is time to perhaps change again. It's a never ending evolution.

Some further thoughts

Successful change doesn't usually happen overnight. If it's going to be worthwhile, it might take a lot longer than you expected. Let's face it, if life were that easy then all half-decent ideas would become instant success stories and we all know this isn't generally the case.

Challenge and opposition is good not bad. If no one is offering up any concerns or alternative views you might want to worry why they are not.

Problems are inevitable. Those who seek perfection can often end up doing nothing. Those who become angry in the face of failures engender fear and paralysis. Don't give up too soon.

Life coaching and change
"Coaching is all about managing change potential "
(published Feb 2006)

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