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How to become a Life Coach


Life Coaching Skills - What you need to do well in this profession

Would you like to help other people to get more from their lives - and in doing so get more out of your own life?  If so, why not become a life coach? Has anyone ever commented to you that you'd make a great life coach?

In short, professional life coaching can be an immensely rewarding and fulfilling occupation, whether you wish to become an all round personal or business coach or whether you prefer to specialise in an area such as career or sports coaching.

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The first step to becoming a life coach is to investigate the life coaching courses available and choose the right life coach school to launch your new career. 

Although life coaching in the UK is not currently regulated and there are no minimum qualifications that you need to practice as a life coach, you are likely to have more confidence, credibility and better coaching skills if you have completed an appropriate course.  The lack of minimum academic standards for life coach training in the UK also means that you will need to do your own research into evaluating which course is right for you.

Life coach certification - How do I know if it's credible?

Don't be afraid to ask the course provider questions, or to ask for testimonials.  Factors you might want to consider when choosing the course include; the time commitment involved; the cost of the course and if it is good value; what learning support is available, and exactly what coaching certification you will end up with. 

Remember that there are different levels of courses depending on how much experience you have as a coach.  The type of course you choose will also depend on what you want out of it, ie personal interest or the intention to actually become a professional life coach. Courses range from introductory sessions to masters level.

As private life coaching develops as a legitimate profession it becomes more and more important to understand the meaning of the different qualifications and training available and also to be able to find out how well qualified your own personal life coach is.

Just a footnote, never forget that the best coaches never qualified as coaches they just happened to be extremely good managers, teachers, friends etc so please, please don't ever let a lack of academic certification put you off the idea that you can coach someone to real success.


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