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“Someone saved my life tonight” - The Value of a Personal Coach

The lyrics of Elton Johns famous ballad speaks of someone sitting “in the little room downstairs”, we assume miserable, emotions numbed with “one more beer” reflecting on how “its all gone crazy lately”. Then the song speaks of the freedom and release brought about by the involvement of someone who metaphorically speaking saves this persons life. Everyone’s been there at some time or another and often the catalyst for change is another person.

We live in a world we are told where we are free to make choices, empowered to live the lives we want. The daily reality for so many people is that the world becomes a very confusing place, choices are difficult to make and relationships are more complicated and difficult to balance. Clarity, direction, improved relationships and the quest for a fulfilling work life with increased focus and concentration sit at the top of most people’s improvement “wish list”.

Life coaching is a solution that ever increasing numbers of people are turning to in order to improve specific aspects of their lives. The business world regards coaching techniques as one of the predominant methods of developing peoples skills and helping them to solve workplace problems. The coaching process relies upon the person who is being coached working on and finding the solutions to their problems for themselves; the coach acting as a skillful guide and facilitator. Through questioning and challenging, the coach guides the individual into defining and forming solid realistic action plans.

How does personal or 'life' coaching work?

Its powerful stuff and not as easy as it might seem. A good life coach or performance coach is not so easy to find. A good life coach will help you to clearly identify the problem and start exploring those solutions that are right for you. The coach is not there to tell you what to do. Most people don’t respond well to being told what to do anyway, and when we are told what to do, what are the chances of sticking to it? Ideas that we have generated are probably the ones that end up delivering the results.

Personal coaching can be surprisingly affordable depending upon the magnitude of what you want to achieve. A block of 4 to 5 one hourly session, spaced by a week is often sufficient to address most issues. The coach will expect you however to work on your actions in-between sessions and a good one will help you to plan and see the progress being made.

If you are basically well, and need to “kick-start an area of your life coaching might just be the solution and who knows someone might just save your life tonight.

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