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Stress is the Number One Risk to the Nation’s Workforce

This 2004 article published in the guardian is particularly useful as it lists different signs of stress and work stress triggers so if you’re not sure whether you’re suffering from workplace stress or what to do about it then this article is well worth reading.

The main stress causes cited are anxiety over workloads, working long hours and the threat of redundancy.

Does your organisation take stress seriously?

If you employ people then this is a question you need to be taking very seriously.

Stress has always been a complaint many people are uncomfortable with reporting and has often not been taken seriously by employers but this is rapidly changing. According to the article, stress is estimated to cost the British economy £7 billion a year in sickness payments.

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If you are worried about stress as an employee or an employer then you could start by seeking advice from an experienced stress management consultant. You can start to become more familiar with the causes of stress and the measures that can be taken to prevent it.


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