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Life Coaching in the News

This is the page where we put articles and news stories about coaching. 

If you know of a good news story which helps explain what coaching is and how it has benefited people then please feel free to direct us towards the publishers and we will be happy to have a look.

Life coach discovers the formula for happiness

Go to the BBC website to find out how life coach, Pete Cohen co-authored a study which looks to discover "'Just what is the formula for happiness".  What makes someone happy?  How easy is it to achieve this sometimes elusive state?

Creating the new me

A very interesting article by Inside Out on the BBC Website describing the challenge taken up by two people embarking on life coaching.


In the modern world you need a life coach

Article from the Observer published in late 2004 suggests that those trying to get ahead and climb the corporate ladder are tending to enlist the help of life coaches.  The author points out that those at the very top have long understood the importance of coaching and leadership programmes and that others are now learning from them.  A very important and modern viewpoint.

Stress and Risk
Does your organisation take stress and risk seriously?
Read about the article published in the Guardian.

The Art of Persuasion
Learn to become a successful communicator. Discusses an interview with a communication coach first published in the Observer.

Modern Management - Are its methods effective?
Have we gone so far down the road of measuring, leagues and tables that we need to reverse 20 years for a better management model?


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