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Psychology of Winning

Dennis Waitley's Psychology of Winning is based on the premise that winning is a way of life, an all-encompassing way of being where you have the expectation of succeeding. Learn how to become a winner in life with this popular audio product which aims to help you boost your self-esteem, create an optimistic way of life and develop positive thoughts so that winning becomes a habit.

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Life Coaching Training

Do people need coaching and life coaching training?

Simple answer…most definitely yes they do! Coaching, although never referred in those terms has been around since the times of the ancient shaman.  The wise mystic, leading his charge through the human journey and personal development of self-discovery, helping to overcome obstacles and change.  The loving parent guiding their children through life’s challenges, questioning, checking and challenging on occasions to help them to achieve the best for themselves.  The need to be coached is arguably implicit in the human spirit.  Very few people can go through life’s journey without a sounding board, motivation, a guide and mentor and never and I mean never has this been more so than today. 

The world is more uncertain than ever both in the business world and our personal lives.  More and more people need direction in their business development and personal development. Fifty years ago our lives were defined for us:  men went to work and probably spent their whole working life with one employer, women stayed at home, couples got married and the family unit was the centre of the community.  Fifty years on and we witness unimaginable levels of change.  Most people have up to 3 career changes and numerous jobs within those careers, tenure of employment is not guaranteed, fifty percent of marriages end in divorce and the workplace is all too often viewed as an unsupportive environment populated with machiavellian types.  Is it any wonder that stress, anxiety, nervous disorders and confusion are on the increase?  The 3 leading markets for coaching are the USA, UK and Australia and demand is growing.  Your skills are needed like never before.  My real hope is that an already confused world does not become even more confused at the hands of an ineffective self-serving coach.  The world needs more genuinely spirited coaches who can help people to cut through the mist.  You need to know how to get to this market place.

Fact:  In a global development market estimated to be worth $100 Billion and an increasingly confusing world dynamic coaching and life coaching training is needed.

Life Coaching Training

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