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With life coaching becoming an ever more popular career choice in England and throughout the world, many people are looking to get their life coach certification. There are many personal development schools, and programs that offer courses in Life coaching. The UK is an especially favorable place to study for a life coach certification. If you are looking to become a Life coach, or just start coaching in general, it would be smarter to get your Life coaching certification.

The big controversy in the Life coaching field is that you do not need certification to begin coaching. And in England many people do begin coaching without proper certification. The amazing thing about life coaching is that any one can do it, regardless of certification. If you have natural business, personal development, and communication skills you can become a life coach in the UK or anywhere else.

Not England or any other country in the world requires certification to practice as a coach. Yes it is recommended that you get a life coaching certification, but it is not necessary. If you have had training in a field related to life coaching, (therapist, speaker, counselor, trainer, etc) you can begin coaching immediately without having a life coach certification from a school or program.
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