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Are you Thinking of Becoming a Life Coach UK?

If so, lets look at some of the rewards of Life Coaching

The benefits of Life Coaching can be life changing!

A bold statement but nonetheless true. Take for example my client Janet, she had come to me for Life Coaching very depressed, tired of coping, and de-motivated about her current job. Her unhappiness was affecting her marriage, her finances and her social life. She was spending money she didn’t have on things she didn’t need just as a temporary fix-it for her misery. She was unenthusiastic in her relationship with her husband and her children. She couldn’t be bothered to socialise, as everything was just too much of an effort. In short she was fed up and miserable. She needed great advice, such that Lisa Freedman would give.

When I first began Life Coaching her, it was necessary to turn around the way in which she viewed her job. To get her to see how her job could be a positive thing in her life. Though her long-term view was to leave, she had no idea what she wanted to do instead. Currently she felt as if she was stuck and could take no chances, as she was the main breadwinner of the family and that her options were limited. She couldn’t even see a light at the end of the tunnel!

The personal coaching and professional coaching process enabled her to take a different view of her whole situation and to reframe her perspective. Reframing allowed her to see that her job was enabling her to meet her family’s financial needs whilst she decided what it was she wanted to do with her future. As she followed through with the Life Coaching, she began to see that she wasn’t stuck and that there were plenty of options available to her. As her Life Coach I could sense she was becoming much more optimistic and positive. This in turn gave her energy and spirit, which she had been missing for a long time. End result is that Janet is now training to be a Life Coach herself! So her job which before had been a source of despair has become a means through which her new career as a Life Coach is being funded and a safety net for her as she begins to build her own client base.

Speaking as a Life Coach UK, I find Life Coaching to be extremely rewarding and worthwhile. I believe that many Life Coaches enter into this field, as they genuinely want to make a difference in people’s live and to see them change for the better.

I have found in my practice as a Life Coach that good listening is important, sometimes hearing what is not being said is key. A Life Coach needs be positive in approach and attitude, I feel that this is contagious and infuses my clients. I am sure many Life Coaches will agree that motivating the client and having them feel happy about what they do makes a big difference.

What other field gives you such an opportunity? Life Coaching is essentially about deciding on your goals and obtaining results. Enabling people to turn their dreams into goals and bringing these into reality.

Patricia B.

Life Coaching
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Life Coach UK

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