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Jargon guide

Understanding business terminology

Welcome to the Life Coaching Solutions jargon guide.  Jargon can be defined as the special language used by particular groups of people to describe objects, processes, activities etc.

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Jargon usually crops up amongst people with a common interest, and especially amongst people who work in a particular sector, industry or area of expertise.  The jargon may be completely new phrases or expressions, existing words used in a different way, and quite often acronyms and abbreviations as well.  Jargon can be frustrating as it can render words and phrases completely incomprehensible, even if the concept being described is really quite simple.

Areas such as coaching, management and leadership abound in jargon and terms that are not always instantly understandable.  Unfamiliar words and figures of speech can crop up at work, or perhaps even socially, which no-one bothers to explain because they assume you already know.  Yet why shouldn’t you understand them?  These pages aim to demystify coaching and management speak, to help you become familiar and comfortable with this type of jargon and be confident and knowledgeable when you encounter these terms.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT JARGON - Click for information on project management principles.

FINANCIAL JARGON - Click for information on finance terminology.

CAREER JARGON - Click here for information on career terminology.

MANAGEMENT JARGON - Click here for information on management terminology.

More coming soon.


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