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Counseling Career

From Psychotherapy to a Life Coaching- The benefits of a Counseling Career

I have been in the field of mental health for almost 2 decades and I have had plenty of opportunity to think what I perceive to be the essential nature of a counseling career as a healing art. I am sure that there will be many who don't agree with my views and that's fine. But as I perceive it, my task is to present and bring forth this understanding that I've come to, not defend it.

As a therapist experiencing my own personal evolution into a world of coaching, I've long been involved in various spiritual-healing and human-potential programmes . The coaching vs. therapy theory conversation is one that has engaged me deeply as it's an important and meaningful subject to many of us.

I'm going to move ahead now with an assumption that most of my readers have a fair idea of what a counseling career is and can be. There are as many ways to coach someone as there are individual natures. Life coaching is a marvelous practice, one based on what is right and good and true about a person. It's forward moving and essentially optimistic. It runs on faith, that is, faith in one's capacity and faith in the power of affirmation.

Saying yes to life is a brilliant move. And a counseling career with its clarity and power to help clients identify where they are stuck and where they would like to be. A couseling career is an immeasurably valuable and benefitial way in which to bring forth human transformation, one individual at a time. And – in my view – that is the root of cultural change - transforming one person at a time.

There is a slight difference in each of these counseling careers. A coach asks how she can serve what you are becoming, a therapist (mostly) holds your wounds in her hands and asks, “How can I help you understand what you have been?” This second question is fundamental in a counseling career. I'll continue to believe that attention must be paid to what it is that hurts us, but – and this is important – within the larger framework of “how can I serve what you are becoming?

To that end I've created a new model of serving this process of human beings becoming what they want and need to become. It's a process that functions on a very long arc. In other words, it is an evolutionary method that also operates in the now.

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Counseling Career

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