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Corporate Coach

I often get the question what is a Corporate coach? Let’s start with a Life coach, the benefits of Life coaching can be seen in the small business world, the big Business world and throughout the world in general. Corporate coaching is a subcategory of Life Coaching.  Many organizations and small business teams use a coach. This kind of coach is referred to as a Corporate coach.

Many believe that coaching is not helpful in a Corporate environment.  A recent study in the Corporate Journal of Personal Management found that having a coach improved managerial productivity 30.4%.
A Corporate coach takes into consideration the mission and vision of an organization. The Corporate coach also knows the values and professional goals of an individual. The goal of the coach is to make sure that both are in alignment.
J.M a top coach in the Corporate field said “When the vision, mission of an organization are in alignment with a Team Members values and professional goals, the employee has commitment to the organization”
The goals of a Corporate coach are:

The coach is responsible for providing feedback and input on what he/she sees happening in the Corporate environment. Promote feedback, input and idea-sharing from members. The Corporate coach is also there to challenge and inspire the organization and its team members.
 A coach is responsible for many things but the three main purposes of a Corporate coach are as follows:

In order to become a Corporate coach you need coach specific training. Through coach training you will acquire the skills of Coaching, Listening, Questioning, Empathizing, Clarifying, and Challenging. If you can master these techniques you will be on your way to coaching and possibly on your way to becoming a top Corporate coach. 
For any kind of coach and especially a coach in the Corporate field, knowing how to market your self to attract clients is imperative.
For a few small business marketing ideas click here:
Good luck starting your journey as a Corporate coach. I hope to see you at the top of the Corporate coaching ladder some day soon.

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Corporate Coach

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