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The Essentials for fast Coach Training can only be found at CoachU. With the most knowledge in the Life Coaching community and the most personal, Corporate, and Business Coaches coaching, CoachU is the place to study.  Most people who want to become a Certified coach choose CoachU for Coach training because of CoachU CERTIFIED training programs. CoachU has the best training program.

CoachU is a global provider of Coach training programs. CoachU offers many different programs, the most popular being The Advanced Program. The Advance Program at CoachU meets all requirements for becoming an Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, or Master Certified coach. CoachU lives up to the academic CoachU standard set forth by the International Coaching Federation.

CoachU was founded in 1992 by director of operations Lorna Ramsay. 100% of the staff at CoachU are International Coaching Federation Certified Coaches at the Professional or Master Level.  The Key points CoachU focuses on when training a new Coach at CoachU are:

Unlike many CoachU training programs and Universities, CoachU does not just focus on only Life Coach skills or Business Coach Skills. At CoachU you can get training in both disciplines as well as many other commonly used practices in the world.

CoachU is the only UNIVERSITY  to:

Many coaches who are new to the Life Coach world ask. Can I make a living as a Coach?
CoachU assures people that yes you can. CoachU estimates that it takes between 1 and 3 years to develop and build a full-time practice. Thousands of CoachU Certified Coaches have built thriving Coaching businesses. Another common question CoachU is asked by new Life Coach prospects is, How much can I earn per year?

CoachU says that how much you earns depends on your tenacity at marketing. Income can also be increased as a CoachU COACH by having a website. CoachU also says that your area of specialty has a lot to do with it, for example a Life Coach will most likely ean less than a Business Coach. Most highly successful CoachU Coaches earn between 50 and 100 thousand dollars per year. Some even surpass $250,000 per year but to reach that level it takes time.

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