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Although your customer is really important and addressing their needs and delivering value is just about the most important obsession you can have, this is going to be a bit difficult to do until you have spent a bit of time thinking about you. Like it or not if you are a freelance coach, that has coach training, then you are in business.  Even if your pursuit is truly altruistic and you provide you services for free (and even then you would be surprised just how tough it is to give things away) you are still in business… 

Before we move on I want to dispel this myth about how easy it is to give things away…you’d be surprised. One of my clients, a global luxury brand had decided to take a group of their key customers away to the South of France in recognition for their business and hopefully to gain some more in future although this was most definitely not the purpose of the trip. This trip was based on pure indulgence…a flight to Nice on a private plane, helicopter transfer to a 5 star hotel, yacht trips, sumptuous dinners. No expense was spared but I tell you what… some of the spaces were unfilled and some of the guests were nothing more than employees of the company. The problem was that so many people are so busy today plus the fact that so many people have experienced so many things; this trip was viewed by some as just another distraction.  Other than 2 great days away “what was is it going to do for me” was no doubt the reactions of some of the guest list.  Crazy but true.

OK back to the main game.  You are in business, which essentially means you are an entrepreneur.  OK you are an entrepreneur that provides coaching but never the less an entrepreneur is what you are. There are special schools and university that offer accredited coach training courses. You need to know what you are going to stand for, what are the values of your service, what are your customers going to get out of it and what are you going to get out of it. 

  1. Have you determined how much you want to earn?
  2. Have you determined what your strategy is? 
  3. Have you determined what you want to get out of being in business…is it financial freedom, the ability to do something you love for as long as you can, is it the joy of seeing people improve. 

I don’t know the answers… this is personal but unless you have defined these areas I strongly urge you to do so.  And when you have done so how will you know you have achieved your end of the deal? 

It is very likely that the 2007 market will continue to shift towards demanding the services of the subject matter coach, with specific coach training.  If this is what the customer needs then knowing who you are and what you stand for is going to be very important indeed.  The myriad of possibilities is almost endless in terms of the subject areas a life coach can operate within: confidence, assertiveness, inter-personal skills, personal relationships, business relationships, leadership, career performance, business growth, etc etc.  Where can you really add the best possible value to your customer and at the same time remain true to yourself?  This is very important to define not only in light of the growing trend towards specialism but if you lack passion for your subject it’s only going to be a matter of time before this becomes obvious, if not to you then to your clients.  I believe that in today’s market place, you need to be clear about what you do and how it is going to offer value.

Coach Training

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