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The National Express Travel Coach service has become ever more popular with tourists looking for rides around America. Most people approach this particular travel express agency because of its famous reputation.

If you or one of your associates is interested in scheduled tours, reservations should be made as early as possible. Coach reservations can be arranged by phone, mail, in person, or online. Before you depart, make sure you:

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John Madden is a former head coach with the Oakland Raiders and will only travel this way.  Madden who is one of the best coaches in the history of the sport (football), refuses to fly and claims that “motor-coach travel is much safer”. Follow this link to find out more about John Madden:
Hall of fame football coach John Madden may be right about this travel being safer.  The industry is estimated to transport 800 million travelers annually. That means more people are traveling by using this method than the airlines and Amtrak combined.

It seems all industries with the word coach in them are booming. The sports coaching industry, motor coach industry, and the Life coach industry.  What is a life coach you ask?



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