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Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching 101

Life Coaching is a very dynamic field. The coaching of an individual I order to attain their true potential is a unique opportunity. Often the client has the answers they are searching for. The client has the abilities, raw talent, and resources to achieve their goals. Life Coaching is geared to bring out these gifts.

Contracting with a certified Life Coach may serve many purposes. Working with a Life Coach is similar to working with an Athletic or Performance Coach. The concept is to work with an individual that can take you to the next level and beyond. A Life Coach can work with you to determine what it is you want to achieve. Life Coaches allow you to bring into focus opportunities you might not otherwise see.

Why do you need a Life Coach? You are smart. You are upwardly mobile. You are large and in charge. What can a coach teach you anyhow? All they teach you is how to be warm and fuzzy inside, “Get in touch with your inner feelings” stuff, right? Not exactly. Actually, not at all. Does a pilot, leave an airport and fly around until they find the place they are looking for? Does a musician play their music until someone offers them a recording contract? If you drive from San Diego to Bangor, Maine, do you just go East and North on any road in that direction until you get there? All these methods may work, eventually. A Life Coach can assist you with creating Flight plan, a success plan to the recording contract, and a road map to Bangor, ME. Both methods may work, one is considerably ore focused. The Life Coach creates an opportunity to save many heartaches and use of unproductive time and procedure, in an effort to expedite and laser focus in on your goals, developing a plan to achieve these goals and how to best attain them.

Which is more likely to win the game 22 professional football players, or 22 coordinated, focused, professional players, playing as a team, led by a knowledgeable coach? Of course the team will. Why? The individuals on the team all bring something unique to the table from the Quarterback to the Defensive End. The coach can look at the big picture while focusing on each individual’s skills and abilities, in order to develop and execute a viable plan for everyone to achieve and win the game. The team that wins enough games wins the Conference championship. The two teams that win their conference face off in the Super Bowl. The teams do not get there by all the players going out on the field and doing their own thing until they win. They network, coordinate, implement and execute, a series of developed plays that have exhaustively been practiced until the plays are in Rote memory, they can do them in their sleep. A Life Coach brings that focus, design, and action plan to the table. The difference is the coach is there to help you to achieve your goals. A Life Coach works with you to determine your goals, put a date on them, create an action plan, and execute the Action Plan. If you do not put into the process, you are not going to benefit.

What do you want to achieve today, this month, this year, before you are 30, 40, 50, or 70? Are you living the life that you want to be living? Are you doing the things you want to be doing? What has brought you to where you are? What is going to get you where you want to be? Are you taking steps in that direction, or are you putting it off? A Life Coach brings all these questions and more together, to design a workable plan of action that you and the coach develop, implement, and execute. The Life Coach is with you for accountability, resourcing, and improvement. The Life Coach facilitates the gifts, and talents you already possess while guiding you to move forward in gaining the focus, drive, motivation to improve and persist in reaching and obtaining your goals. The Life Coach will work with you, in order for you to live the life you have always wanted to live.

Having a Life Coach allows you to focus on your situation. The Life Coach works with you to move beyond your past and focus on your future. The Life Coach brings many tools and resources to the equation. The client works with the Life Coach to research what the client desires to work on, usually setting personal and professional goals. The goal may be to acquire a cherished promotion, or a career change. The Life Coach works to develop a plan of action that the client has expressed a desire to achieve. The client works to attain the furtherance of their skills, talents and abilities as set forth in their agreed upon plan. The Life Coach provides a level of accountability the client would not ordinarily have available. The use of a Life Coach saves the client time, money and resources, by focusing only on what is necessary to achieve the goals, eliminating the less desired efforts that delay the attainment of the client’s goals.

Life Coaching brings change for the client. A client can attain their desired achievements, growth, and potential more expeditiously by using a Life Coach. Using a certified Life Coach allows the client to capitalize on the coach’s knowledge, guidance and resources available. The client benefits from the use of a Life Coach by achieving their goals more directly, allowing for more rapid succession and growth personally and professionally, attaining a more balanced life.

Certified Life Coach

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