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Life Coaching by Playing Cards...

If you are reading this, chances are that your life feels a little out of balance, or maybe you don't seem to have any meaning in your life right now, or maybe you just don't seem to have the fun you used to...

That was me, too. Back in November 2005, I had just lost my job, my relationship had ended and all my friends seemed stuck on the same path they had been on 20 years before.

So I decided to see losing my job as an inspiration and (against ALL advice) I decided to change my career and my life by spending a year traveling the world to find my own unique purpose...

Before I left, I went to an NLP seminar where I happened to meet Tim Kenning, who was introducing his new life coaching cards. I was excited by these cards as I was looking for a way to coach myself as I traveled. So I purchased a pack.

Then a funny thing seemed to happen... Wherever I sat down to play with the cards and coach myself, people nearby would ask "what are they?" and "can I have a go?"

By this time I had traveled to Thailand and I was living for a while at a retreat center on a beautiful island called Koh Phangan.

The fact that I had left behind everything I used to hold dear and was taking time to follow a dream seemed to inspire the people I met. And before long I discovered that I was offering life coaching to people from all over the world.

With Tim's cards I really didn't have to do much more than to trust in the process, to trust in the cards (they really do have all the questions you need to ask - and they are all based on NLP principles), and to trust in myself to be open to whatever came up for people.

The cards are a really wonderful support to a first time coach. I have been using them for over eighteen months and I now have my first paying clients.

I have used the cards with people from all over the globe - from Israel to Canada, Sweden to Switzerland to Australia, Britain to America. The cards are based on the metaphor of life as a journey, which truly does work with people from every country.

I now often use the cards as part of a free trial coaching session I offer to people and they love it! People seem to love games, they definitely love the 'life is a journey' metaphor and they usually love a chance to reflect on their own life, in a fun way, too.

As I coached myself using the cards, I found that each time I made a little map of my own journey and asked myself Tim's key question, "if this was happening in real life, what would you do?" I tapped in to my deepest desires and moved away from a world where I had been trapped by my own fears.

In the past eighteen months, I have lived in Thailand, India, and the US. I have trained as a yoga teacher in Thailand and as a meditation teacher in the Himalayas and as a relationship coach in San Francisco. I have travelled through Africa on an overland truck and on rickety buses through South East Asia. Oh, and I met a wonderful woman who I got engaged to after just 10 days! (We are about to celebrate our first year together).

I am now about to create a new life with her in San Francisco, where I will be studying a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and completing my life coach training.

Can I guarantee that all this will be available to you if you purchase Tim's cards? Hey, that's up to you! But if you are looking for an incredible tool that will support you in your coaching, then I'm pretty sure you have found it.

Tim has offered great support and inspiriation, too, as I emailed him along my journey.

Rich Litvin (

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Certified Life Coach Training

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