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Job Interviews


Job interviews are notoriously stressful events.  Although it’s positive that your initial application has generated interest and secured you an interview, interviews can pose new problems and create anxiety.

In the following pages, we guide you through the interview process and give you comprehensive information about what you might expect.  We tell you about what types of interview you might come across, and how to prepare for interviews.  We highlight some of the most common interview questions, and how best to consider answering them.  We also provide a long list of interview tips covering planning for the interview, and how to present yourself and behave during the interview.

Increasingly, you will not just be put through an interview but also asked to complete tests, exercises or even attend an assessment centre as part of the selection process.  We run through some of the more popular tests and tasks for assessing candidates’ skills, and describe the selection centre process.

All employers have different selection and interview processes and methods.  However we hope that the general information in these pages gets you thinking about the interview process, and helps you to navigate your individual interview situation effectively and with confidence.

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