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Career Consultants


How they can help with career change

You may have read the previous pages about changing career, but still be mystified about exactly what alternative careers you may be suited for.  A good starting point is to go back to the career development pages and look at the exercises for identifying your motivation, strengths and weaknesses and goals. 

However, if you still have no clear picture after this, and think you would benefit from some help from a third party, then you might want to think about talking to a career consultant or adviser.

Career consultants offer a range of services, from CV assessment and CV writing, to helping to identify suitable career paths, often through the use of some kind of psychometric instrument to pinpoint skills, abilities and preferred working styles.  There are many commercial career consultants operating, but also local government-funded careers advice centres where you can meet a careers adviser and access other services. 

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Career consultants should not be confused with recruitment consultants, who find suitable candidates to fill their clients’ vacancies.  You will not receive objective careers advice from a recruitment consultant – it is simply not their job, however sympathetic they may be towards you.

Talking to a career consultant can be valuable if you want someone who can facilitate your search for a new career, who you can bounce ideas off and help you focus your ideas with the benefit of their expert advice.  But to get the most out of seeing a career consultant, you must have realistic expectations – he or she will not punch your details into a computer and tell you what your ideal career is; you must be prepared to provide input too, and work collaboratively with your career consultant to assess your opportunities.

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