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Changing Your Career


Working on your career development plan may reveal that your future plans lie in another sphere, and perhaps necessitate a complete change of career direction.

Perhaps you have a set of skills and interests that you have never fully explored or used.  Or you may not be happy in your current job, and are dreaming about doing something completely different.

If you fall into the last category, stop and think very carefully.  Why are you not happy?  Is it your job itself that is the problem – have you been doing it a long time and want a fresh challenge, or were you never in the right job in the first place?  Would a career break give you time to renew your enthusiasm?  Is it your hours of work and quality of life that are the problem – could you create a better working environment through going part-time, or working from home?  Could you do a job in the same field, but simply change employer?

The point here is that you should not decide to change career direction simply because you are dissatisfied with your current job – there need to be positive reasons why you want to change tack.

Once you have decided that a career change is definitely the way forward, there is still a lot you need to consider.  Unless you already have a lot of the relevant skills for your new career, you will probably have to start building your new career from the bottom again.  This will mean a more junior position than you have been used to, with lower status, pay and levels of responsibility.  Even if you can progress quickly, are you prepared for the initial period of working at this level?

Don’t underestimate the financial side of changing career.  Make sure you can meet your financial commitments with a lower salary, and be realistic about the impact less money will have on your quality of life.  If you are sure about your change in career, you will reap many long term benefits and money is not an issue, but think and plan carefully.  Also talk to friends and family, and anyone else who will be affected by the change, for their views and advice.

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