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Improve your Public Speaking skills

Learn how to overcome Glossophobia which is the fear of public speaking by taking the following steps:

  1. Effectively express an opinion at work or in a meeting
  2. Realise your potential by communicating your ideas in a more skilled and structured way.
  3. Succeed is having better communication skills than others in your network
  4. Toastmasters International is an International Speakers Organisation that offers a proven way to improve your speaking, listening and leadership skills.

Regular participation is the key to becoming a better speaker and leader. It all happens in a fun and supportive manner when you join a Toastmasters group. There are at least 132 clubs all over the United Kingdom and you will receive a warm welcome at every club you visit, email, or call for an enquiry.

A personal life coaching aspect is the increased confidence you gain without too much effort as you take on the roles of the meeting officers & participate in the speaking sections. It is bound to help you succeed in whatever path you've chosen in life. You will be amazed at your own potential when you deliver great presentations, lead teams and conduct meetings. Added bonuses to your skills as a business coach are being able to give and receive constructive feedback and to be a better listener.

One of the most common fears in people especially business people is the fear of public speaking and anyone who cares about giving a good performance is likely to have it to some degree, but this fear can be tamed and the best way of overcoming the fear is by doing it.

Public speaking is such a fundamental fear that overcoming it can have a dramatic effect on how confident we feel in all aspects of life, so life & business coaches are among the most frequent joiners of any club. As they can see that joining a Toastmasters club and practising public speaking skills in a friendly and supportive environment can be fun & often they recommend it as a way forward for their clients.

If you already have public speaking experience and are looking for somewhere to develop your skills further then Toastmasters clubs will suit you too. Our members range from complete novices to championship speakers.

How Toastmasters Works for the life or busines coach

As your improved communication skills become obvious within the workplace, increased visibility, recognition and promotion will follow. Your improved presentation skills will win you the respect and admiration of your colleagues and employees and make them wonder what you did to change!

A Toastmasters club is a “learn-by-doing” workshop

Everyone hones their skills in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere & a typical club has 20 to 40 members who meet weekly or biweekly to learn and practice public speaking techniques. The average club meeting lasts approximately two hours. Annual Membership is about the same as that of a typical short Night School Course.

How Toastmasters Meets Your Need?

Leadership skills acquired through participation in Toastmasters will increase your management potential and you will acquire an increased ability to motivate and persuade, making you more effective as a business coach or manager.

They are self-paced programs which allow you to progress as rapidly or as gradually as your needs dictate. The Competent Communication and Competent Leadership programs provide services on “how-to” and the practical experience so critical to progress. It always has an atmosphere of professional camaraderie which makes the Toastmasters club a unique learning environment.

To meet your personal objectives, often the Toastmasters program will enable you to improve in prepared presentations. You will also gain experience and knowledge in impromptu speaking and in the use of visual aids.

How the Program Works

The Toastmasters program exposes each participant to a wide range of communication and leadership experiences. Each new member receives a New Member Kit which includes the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals, general orientation materials, and helpful booklets on evaluation, using gestures and vocal variety.

New Toastmasters gradually work their way through a series of 10 short speeches each targeting a particular area of speaking development. After each speech positive constructive feedback by an evaluator is given on your speaking strengths and areas to focus on in future speeches. You work at your own pace, with no pressure, and there is always plenty of help available from other club members who act as mentors and in their turn improve on their mentoring skills.

In the process, you will learn how to organise a speech, how to use gestures, how to speak with conviction and sincerity and how to motivate your audience. You will develop listening and analytical skills as you too learn to help others develop their communication abilities.

As you learn your speaking strengths, and realise the skills you already possess so too your self-confidence will grow. Through repeated use of your speaking skills you will develop and grow in ways that a one-off training course or program could never hope to address. All of this in a positive, fun and supportive learning environment which is repeated in Clubs through the UK and Ireland.

Skills for being a life and business coach
Testimonials from new to Toastmasters members.

"Four months ago, I joined Toastmasters, after almost a year of scraping together enough courage to do so. And now, the change in my life is nothing short of miraculous. Life has become so much more - more to experience, more to live for, more fun. My personal and career goals have shifted, too. I'm focusing on being a business coach."

"Because my fellow members have been so supportive, I managed to overcome my shyness, speak before audiences and discover my potential as a leader."

Mentoring is an essential part of the Toastmaster system. Left to fend for himself/herself a new Toastmaster member can flounder, procrastinate and slowly lose interest. The mentor can give invaluable advice quietly, conversationally while pointing out the advancement system available through the many excellent speech programmes in the many books available. Whereas the lone Toastmaster is left to guess at what the whole deal is about often picking up the scraps from the table. I was lucky to have Meg Heyworth available from my day one in Toastmasters. She showed me the initial Competent Communicator programme and encouraged me to immediately get going with a speech per meeting. Anyone with even a slight competitive edge will love the challenge of devising an original audience pleasing speech each two weeks. Meg has been such an inspiration that I now feel disappointed if I cannot have a slot for my latest speech.

Good mentoring equates with good advancement. Personally I have been shocked with the speaking engagements that have come my way since becoming an active and committed Toastmaster.

Yours Truly ,
DEC [Cluskey]

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