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Psychology of Winning

Dennis Waitley's Psychology of Winning is based on the premise that winning is a way of life, an all-encompassing way of being where you have the expectation of succeeding. Learn how to become a winner in life with this popular audio product which aims to help you boost your self-esteem, create an optimistic way of life and develop positive thoughts so that winning becomes a habit.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

Despite the unprecedented advance of scientific discovery, there is much evidence to suggest that we are living in the "age of mind" many spiritual communities have foretold its arrival. The Age of Aquarius as many have come to call it in western society. Whether or not you view scientific and technological progress, as beneficial one of the ironies has been a great deal of focus on the mind and its’ potential to influence our health behaviour and illness.

One of the greatest unanswered questions is whether or not the mind is merely a direct link to brain function and thus a mechanical by-product of intellect or whether intelligence itself sits outside of us and everything is a bye-product of its eternal presence.

The world of commerce increasingly accepts that the state of mind of its employees will have a huge effect on the performance of the business.

Its actually hard to think of the compositions of Mozart or Beethoven as being the product of a machine and of course with what we know of machines (this web page being the product of one) they cannot address what is not already programmed into them. Mozart’s work didn’t exist as so therefore where did it come from

Spiritual Energy in Everyone

What is our purpose? Why are we here? Is there a spiritual energy permeating the universe?

The sceptic will argue that spirituality is nothing more than a human invention to address our innate fear of mortality. At our deepest level however this monological view all seems a bit inadequate. Spirituality will mean different things for different people and for the purpose of considering its link to coaching it is going to be thought of in terms of the essential intelligence permeating us and everything in the universe at levels of understanding we cannot yet measure and quantify.

If life coaching is to be spiritual then it must follow that the subject’s goals should be formed in such a way that they consider the impact of their execution on all things. For example a spiritual life coach would have to question wisely what the goals of material gain might involve.

Perhaps it could mean the subject earning more money as a result of selling industrial machinery, which in turn consumes more fuel. Here’s the dilemma… unless such a product was replacing old fuel thirsty machinery, the individual would have to reconcile the actions needed to achieve the goal against their spiritual values. Such values would need to be coached out in the first place.

Spiritual Coaching Training

There is almost certainly a trainer out there for you if you want to specialise in spiritual life coaching. However, you'll also find that most coaching courses, programs and training models allow for you to coach within your own spiritual framework and, of course, that of your clients.

The best coaches can work with anyone, no matter what their beliefs and spiritual background.

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