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A Self Esteem Quiz - How good do you feel about yourself


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There are a lot of factors that can help determine if you have high self esteem or not. Self esteem basically refers to what kind of opinion you have of yourself. Basically, self esteem refers to the amount of self respect you have.

On one end of the spectrum, people with low self esteem do not think they are worth much. As a result they have a hard time finding success and asserting their needs. On the other end, people with high self esteem may appear to be cocky and condescending. But most people seem fall somewhere in between the two poles.

Are you wondering how healthy your self esteem is? Take this shot quiz to find out.

1.When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

2. Finish this sentence. I trust my ability to make decisions

3. How do you react when you make mistakes?

4. How often to you beat up on yourself and berate yourself for acting a certain way?

5. When it comes to relationships, do you feel as if you can add something positive? How often do you feel as if you could do some good with your friendships and romantic relationships?

6. I care what other people think…

If you scored all a’s, your self esteem is low. If you scored all b’s, your self esteem falls in the middle. If you scored all c’s, your self esteem is really good.

Keep in mind that you may score differently depending on the day and how you feel. It is not uncommon to have days where our self esteem is good and days when it is bad. But if you would like to improve your self esteem or make your self esteem more consistent, it is a good idea to work with a life coach to tackle any underlying issues and problems.

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