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Personal versus Group Coaching

Unlike personal life coaching, group life coaching is done in a group setting and can be a powerful tool for businesses. As its name states, personal life coaching is designed to help individuals reach their potential both professionally and personally. Though the two sound different, they are both based on the same principals of goal setting and reaching your potential.

Personal Life Coaching

In a personal coaching environment, the life coach works with an individual. Together, they work on bettering the individual. Coaches help their clients set and achieve goals and introduce tools that will encourage them to grow. You don’t need to have “problems” to seek out a life coach. All you need is the desire to enhance your life and your way of living.

Group Life Coaching

Group life coaching is most often used in a business setting. That is why It is also called “group business coaching”. However, that title is limiting. Different social groups also benefit from group life coaching including families, friends, schools, and other personal and public relationships. A good group coach will be able to determine the methods of coaching that are best for each group.

Personal or Group Life Coach?

Perhaps you’ve decided to see a life coach. You have some relationship situations you need to resolve, or you want to grow professionally in you business environment. Whatever your situation, you are faced with a choice. Should you hire a personal life coach or a group life coach?

To make a good decision, you will really need to assess your needs. Do the areas you would like to work on have a lot to do with the social aspects of your life or are they more internal? Think about this, and also discuss with those around you to get their opinions. Also, consider speaking with a personal life coach. They can help you decide.

In general, if you have a lot of personal problems or personal goals, there is no need to hire a group life coach. However, if you want your team at work to function better, that is a good reason to hire a group life coach. Also, there is no reason why you couldn’t hire both a personal life coach and a group life coach. Each of us is made up of our personal selves and our public selves. Good coaching will help us in every area.

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