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The Purpose of Life Coaching


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You will find it written again and again throughout the pages of this website that the purpose of life coaching is to help people to change.

Life coaching is practical and very hands on. The purpose of life coaching is to help you to identify precisely what it is that is standing in-between you and achieving the life you deserve.

A good life coach will help you to confront the facts and break down the problem. It’s very logical really. If you are not happy with something then there has to be a reason and unless you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition there has to be a solution.

Essentially life coaching concurs with one of the laws of physics which states that every action has an equal and opposite counteraction. Put simply behaviour, actions and choices do not come without consequence. We are told that we have more choices than ever before and whilst this might well be true people are finding the processes of discerning the right choices to make more and more difficult.

Total Life Coaching - Action = Change

Or certainly no action means no change. So perhaps, action - potential would be a fairer assessment. The whole concept of potential is that is has no limits, hence the idea of "Total Life Coaching". The belief many coaches have that anything can change (Don't mistake this for the idea that everything must change. This is a real put-off for lots of people.)

It’s easy and perhaps even a bit shallow to proclaim the woes of your life situation and frankly that’s what most of us do…moan and carry on. It’s all down to him or her, or the job, or the house. Kids are not like they used to be etc etc. Through life coaching you will be able to break your situation down into clearly identifiable parts. Then you will be helped to identify the steps that you will take to bring about an improvement.

No action = no change! It can’t get much simpler than that. If you carry on doing what you always did you will almost certainly get what you always got. A sports coach helps you to perform better at your chosen sport and release your potential. Interestingly people will pay huge sums of money to be coached at tennis or hire someone to go jogging with. A life coach arguably will help you establish the framework you need to live better. The purpose of life coaching is change through the release of potential.


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