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Coaching and Work Life Balance - Tips and Ideas


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There is no doubt that one of the biggest single challenges facing people today in technological sector of the globe is work life balance. For many there isn’t any balance and for most people in full time paid employment or those running their own business it feels like you either have a reasonable level of income and absolutely no time in which to do anything by way of a pay back for your hard work or you are out of work and “skint”. You have all the time in the world but no money or for that matter people to share your newfound time with. There seems to be no middle ground.

Coaching can help with this dilemma. It wont make it go away but you and for that matter your families, friends and partners need to be clear about what the goals are. If you are putting in 60 hours a week why are you? What is the end game?

Perhaps you love the job and this investment in it is solely your choice, you evaluated the plusses and minuses and along with those close you, you decided consciously that this is the thing to do. If you don’t love the job perhaps you need to start thinking about the implications. Are you being told to put the hours in and if so is your productivity improving in keeping with the extra time spent at work? This doesn’t always seem to be the case.

Is it actually possible to get "Work Life Balance Caoching" - Is there such a thing?

Was the work input what you were told it was going to be when you took the job? Did you think to even ask the question when you were being interviewed. Many people dislike their work life situation but sadly what they might dislike even more is their lack of control over it.

Work life balance issues are tough and stark and you have to be very clear about your objectives. If you are going to hire a life coach, try to work with a coach who has real life experience of these issues although some of the tips on work life balance below might challenge you and help to make you think.

Happy is the person who has achieved perfect work and life balance. Maybe it isn't even possible but with great coaching we believe you can get very close. We are hoping to publish some more related articles here very soon. Please let us know if there's anything in particular you want to see covered.


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