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Life Coaching Jobs and Opportunities


Once someone makes the decision to become a life coach, they are dedicated to helping others reach their potential. They are kind, encouraging, and caring. They do not judge others and they are excellent at helping to prompt someone towards a path of success.

However, not only does each life coach have their own style and method of doing this, but there are also a lot of different jobs and opportunities for a life coach to pursue. Here is some more information on life coaching jobs and opportunities. Some choose only one path, others do a combination of all of these options.

How to Start a Life Coaching Business

One opportunity for a life coach is to start a business. This means that the life coach is responsible for getting and keeping clients, meeting with the clients, and performing all the business related functions. Of course, some of these activities, such as the bookkeeping and tax preparation, can be outsourced.

The benefit of starting a business is that the life coach would be completely in control of their own schedule. Some life coaches focus on personal life coaching, others focus on businesses, and still others do a combination.

Write Life Coaching Books

Some life coaches opt to use their skills to help people on a broader scale. So they opt to write books and e-books that will help people. Some have a specific topic, such as goal setting. Others are more generalized. A lot of life coaches who have their own business will often write their own materials to use while working with clients.

Teach Life Coaching Courses and Workshops

Another option is to hold life coaching courses and workshops. The coach can either choose to do this online in a chat setting or self study course or do the workshops live. The main thing is to choose a format that works best for the type of coaching offered.

A lot of life coaches meet some of their clients through these settings. Workshops and classes are usually topic oriented, such as how to set goals or how to live life based on your core values.


Life Coach Training and Certification
More information on how to become a life coach in the first place.

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