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Coaching Related Articles

These unique articles have all been written specifically for Life Coaching Solutions.

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Coaches - Do you want to write for us?

If you wish to write an article for us and can guarantee that it is not published anywhere else on the internet then we would happily consider it for publication. The first step is to contact us with your proposal for an article. If we feel it would sit well on our site and we think that your own site offers unique content of value to our visitors then we will agree to publish the article with a short bio of you or your organisation and a link to your website. The first step is to
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with your article proposal. Please don't be offended if
we don't accept it as we publish very few externally written articles.

Also please remember that we are happy to mention any quality life coaching resources in our links and resources section. If you are a qualified coach or have written a life coaching book or train life coaches, please let us know and we'll give you a mention.

Free Life Coaching and Personal Development articles

Personal coaching
"Someone saved my life tonight" (published August 2005)

Executive coaching
"Executive coaching - Can success be measured?"
(published August 2005)

Life coaching and change
"Coaching is all about managing change potentia"
(published Feb 2006)

The Purpose of Life coaching
"What is coaching is all about managing change potential"
(published Feb 2006)

NLP - Life Coaching
- A type of life coaching that uses the principals of neuro-linguistic programming that people use to help better themselves.

Finding a Personal Business Coach
Ways to find the right one
(published Jan 2007)

Business Coaching Tips, Ideas and Services
If you want to succeed in business then coaching can help in lots of ways you probably haven't even considered.

Life coaching and Work-Life Balance
"Coaching can help you achieve that magical balance between work and life"
(published Feb 2006)

Life Coaching for Women
Some effective balancing and coaching strategies specific to a life coaching program for women.

(published Dec 2007)

Small Business Coaching
For self employed people or those considering it.
(published Dec 2007)

Self Esteem Help
Some great tips to help improve and boost self esteem. Also why not take the Self Esteem Quiz?

Successful Life Coaching Techniques.
Some of the most effective ideas and approaches adopted by life coaches. (published Dec 2006)

Group Life coaching
"What about coaching in a group situation?"
(published Feb 2006)

Personal versus Group Life Coaching
More information on the benefits of personal versus group coaching.

Christian Life coaching
"What about coaching in a group situation?"
(published Feb 2006)

Spiritual Life coaching
"What about coaching in a group situation?"
(published Feb 2006)

Coaching Training Articles

Life Coaching Certification
- An up to date article highlighting your options for certification as well as a guide to help you find out how well qualified your life coach is will be published very soon. In the meantime check out this page and feel free to advise us of anything you feel needs updating (published Dec 2006)

Life Coaching Jobs and Opportunities
What about after you've trained and received the qualifications?

Becoming a coach - Things to consider for would-be coaches

Management Articles

A Guide to Successful Management (new)
Three strategies that will put you at the top. (published October 2005)

Employee Motivation
How to motivate your staff and Set your team on fire.
(published January 2006)

Motivation Articles

Procrastination - Overcoming Barriers (new)
This article should put some steam into your engines.
(published October 2005)

General Health Articles

Self Esteem Building for your Friends,
Colleagues or Team Members
Help them to become happier and more productive.
(published October 2005)

Time Management Articles

Seven Time Management Tips/ Skills
Skills to get you more organised.
(published January 2006)

Career Coaching Articles

Nine Crucial Questions
These questions will help you to find your ideal career.
(published January 2006)



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