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Executive Coaching – Can success be measured?


It’s a dilemma, you accept that you would probably benefit from the help of an executive coach, your budget is even there to cover it, but then again it’s “the same old same old”.

The Cost of not Employing the Services of a Top Coaching Firm or Organisation

The benefits executive coaching services can bring to your business simply can't be measured in the same way you measure other costs. There is lots of research available on business and executive coaching effectiveness but even this won't tell you the whole truth. The benefits of great coaching just go on and on.

Like so many personal development initiatives it might not change a thing and after all how can coaching be measured? “Blow it, Ill do it another day when I’ve got a bit more time”.

Before you do though, many senior managers are having to think closely about whether or not they are satisfied that their commercial strategies are as well defined as they could be. Today’s work environment is challenging its leaders to question the depth of their leadership skills. Its rarely sufficient to know about the business you are in, you have to manage the diversity of the challenge. Then of course comes that elusive talent of people management. Very few can claim to be as effective as they would like.

A good executive coach should be able to relate to you and stimulate and inspire you. The best have probably faced the challenges you face, and understand the complexities of the commercial environment. Above all an effective Executive Coach should be able to bring out the creativeness and problem solving skills that most leaders intrinsically possess but somehow gets lost in the workload.

Procrastination kills business, demotivated people kills business. Yet a leader who is on top form, focused and performing can make a poor business good and a good business great.


Life Coaching for Executives and Other Leaders


Very few leaders can do it alone, a top executive coach should be able to get you focused on what important help, to develop the impact you have and help you achieve a measured improvement. Depending on what you want to achieve, four hours a month, with the right coach, should be all that is needed to bring about a quantum jump in your effectiveness. Executive coaching is personal, one to one focused management development and will often cost less than it does to send an individual away on a course (an expense regularly faced by businesses and one which often can't, be measured).

An executive coach will invariably visit you on your premises, ensuring your valuable time is maximised and a good one will earn you their fees many times over because you should both be clear abut precisely what you want to achieve and how you will establish that you have achieved it. Should you be putting this decision off any longer?

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