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Career Test - Nine questions that will help you find your ideal career


Sit down in a quiet place and approach these questions with a quiet and relaxed mind. The real secret to successful life coaching is asking the right questions in order to get to the answers that make a difference.

You can pay a life coach huge fees to ask you the questions, or if you feel the answers might be really close then why not get the same results for free?


  1. Do you want to work outside or inside?

  2. Should your job involve travel or would you prefer to be based at one location

  3. If you desire travel would this be on a day-to-day basis or would you be prepared to spend several days away?

  4. Do you prefer working in the company of other people or alone

  5. Do you seek the managerial responsibility of other people?

  6. Would you consider yourself to be more task focused or more people focused?

  7. Would having the opportunity to earn more than the average through a bonus scheme motivate you even if failure to achieve bonus meant your earnings were average?

  8. Career path or money…which one would you choose?

  9. How many hours a week do you feel it is fair to work As many as it takes
    50 – 60
    40 – 50
    Less than 39

If the answers don't come straight away then come back to this exercise another day.

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