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UK Life Coaching

Recently I started to realise that I wanted to go into UK life coaching. What would make someone, with an already successful people-support practice in another area, suddenly take the decision to go in such a new direction? Well, I recognised something in life coaching that I had come across in a variety of other settings that seemed to me to be highly positive. That something was a sense of empowerment. Or, to put it more exactly, a sense of empowering other people.

For many years I have worked in giving a supportive service to others focusing on empowerment, not as a life coach but as what is commonly termed a “psychic” reader. I have offered astrology consultations and read tarot cards, in order to help people find their way along their path in life. This is a rewarding job, but one that comes with mixed expectations and, much of the time, an assumption that the reader is the person who has the answers in life.

What I recognised in the role of UK life coaching was something different - a clear assumption that, in fact, it is the client who has the answers in life. This was actually not new to me as a concept, because it is something that I have always believed in any case! However, it is a message that is difficult to convey through offering psychic readings, even though components of the work process are in some ways similar to what goes on with the life coach. What I like about the facility to work life coaching is that I am not dissuaded from asking questions; this is something that is sometimes frowned upon in the world of card and chart reading; there is an assumption that the psychic “sees” all.

Although I do, indeed, see a great many things when involved in a consultation of UK life coaching, at the end of the day only the client can decide whether my vision matches theirs or is, indeed, right for them. Having been on the receiving end of a number of psychic readings myself, I am aware of how much the reader can impress upon me. In the situation of being coached by a life coach it is quite a different matter. I am aware in that situation of how well another life coach - who is good at his or her job – is able to follow my thinking and match and support my direction. In this I am not so much being guided by the life coach, as being supported in understanding more about my own vision. I find this extremely appealing!

I know that having my own vision supported by UK life coaching gives me a feeling of confidence and empowerment, to break through blocks and go out and do what I want to do in life, I know this is also something that, as a life coach, I can offer to others. It makes me feel tremendously happy to see other people growing, feeling confident and doing things they only usually dream about doing. So, rather than impress upon my clients what “the spirits” might be telling me about them, I am happy to work with them as a life coach, in order to see what their spirit wants to tell me! I am still happy to lend support to my existing clients who wish to seek my guidance in the traditional role as a psychic reader. However, I suspect that the more I offer the skills that are specific to life coach training, the more I will veer towards the life coach role in providing the support that people need. Seeing the future is a fascinating talent, but helping people, as a life coach, to create their own future is even more exciting!

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